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The Tear Drop Memorial – Night Photography/Long Exposure

For a while now, I’ve really wanted to check out this monument but really had no idea where it was. It’s hidden deep in the crevices of Bayonne, New Jersey. My manager at work sparked the idea and I went to check it out in freezing cold of the eastern winter. Check out the video below. Should be posting the files to instagram throughout the weekend. Stay tuned!


Starting Off Strong!

Ok! I’m starting 2017 off strong! I’m following my artistic passion. I’ve been working hard lately to get myself into the right mind set. I’m ready to push myself to my full capacity both creatively and physically. I’m tired of putting excuses in front of myself for not doing what I love to do which is getting out there, meeting people, and making fun videos. I just recently released an introduction video sharing some background about myself and I’m hoping to really grab the bull by the horns. Anxious to see where my creativity takes me. Stay tuned!!