Brooklyn Bedding…A Real Review


Ok, So I took the plunge on the #bestmattressever. I should have known immediately from the hash tag naming of the product that this was nothing but a notable marketing ploy.

The mattress WAS the best mattress ever for about the first 2-3 months (right until the free trial ended). Now I can’t even bare to sleep, let alone lay, on the damn thing. All support for my back and hips seems to vanished from the mattress entirely. I would comment on the coolness of the mattress, but it doesn’t matter because if your back is all fucked up, who cares if you’re cold or hot or if the mattress has side support? So I’ll skip all that. The mattress does look nice, but looks are deceiving in this case. This mattress condones excellent sexual activity (it’s very bouncy), but either I’m beast, or the mattress just couldn’t handle too much of it. Initially the mattress held its ground (support) for being shipped in box, but after only a few months I will have to be replacing it. Be advised, this I feel is another lesson in the “you get what you pay for” book.

I’m writing this because with the online mattress sale movement and these online companies obviously paying for reviews from their sites and other sites, it’s hard to find the truth. I don’t want someone else to experience what I’ve experienced. Mattress hunting can be a very dreadful experience. People work hard to get money and I was upset to have wasted $700 on the idea of a good night’s rest. Hopefully this review helps you if you’re on the market for an affordable mattress solution.

: Don’t skimp on a good night’s sleep.


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