C-41 Anyone?

This past weekend, thanks to my boy Luis Hernandez, I had the pleasure of meeting Miguel Peralta.


He’s a Jersey City street photographer who happens to shoot film as well. As you’d expect, the three of us hit it off well and crusaded downtown Jersey City stealing moments from strangers.

At the time, I had a roll of Porta 400 loaded in the burner (AKA the Leica M6). But it had been in there for a while… I had lost the sentiment to continue shooting that roll over the past few weeks. This is because up until that time, I had only developed black and white film. Chemicals to develop black and white are much more attainable them those for color. But Miguel…Miguel had an extra C-41 Chemical Kit he didn’t need. I purchased it. It was on. I needed to shoot that roll and finally see some of the images that were nesting inside the burner for the last few weeks. And off we went cams loaded.


We started on Newark Avenue. The pride festival was going on and I couldn’t think of a more colorful situation to spray the rest of this colorful Porta400 roll out on. I mean there were colors everywhere and it happened be a bright summer day.



We moved around a fair bit, talked shop, nailed a few keepers here and there. And then ultimately we ended up at Hamilton Pork.


Miguel had made it clear to us that he was working on a documentary about Jersey City street photographers and asked Lou and myself if we didn’t mind be featured alongside himself and other shooters from the area. I was very privileged to even be considered. definitely stay tuned! I’m sure it going to be a nice piece of work.

A few days later, I had completed the Portra400 roll and knew it was time to get developing. I reached out Miguel for some quick tips on the development process. It’s a little different from black and white in the sense that all the chemicals need to be temperature regulated. That being said the over process was much easier and straightforward than my black and white development procedures.

Here’s some results from the roll!

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